Marriage and Family Therapy


Because you are a unique individual, Dr. Diaz will use an eclectic therapy approach that will work best for your specific needs, symptoms, and personality. Her approach tends to be based in Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Solution Focused Therapy. Not only will you experience symptom relief, but also learn to live a more mindful life, attracting emotional and physical health and inner peace. For more information click here.


Bowen and Structural Family Therapy are used to improve communication and resolve conflict between family members. Family members will gain insight into patterns within the family system causing pain and develop healthier ways to interrelate. Emotional maturity, wholeness, and healing are just a few of the benefits families will experience in their treatment with Dr. Diaz. For more information click here.


Seeing every person and couple as unique, Dr. Diaz customizes her approach based on the couple’s needs, with an emphasis on Gottman’s Couples Therapy and Emotionally Focused Therapy. This process involves increasing empathy toward one another while improving your emotional responses to each other. The destructive emotional cycles that cause fighting and pain are often hard to escape on one’s own. Together with Dr. Diaz, these damaging emotional cycles are targeted and broken and replaced with healthy communication and conflict resolution skills. For more information click here.


Group counseling involves 4-8 individuals meeting with Dr. Diaz, typically once a week for 1.5 hours.  Group members will discuss a variety of issues including exploring relationships and enhancing coping skills.  Group members share information about themselves and provide feedback to others while Dr. Diaz facilitates productive and healthy communication in the group. For more information on upcoming groups click here.

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“Dr. Seima has a centered heart of compassion that listens to the nature and heart of individuals pain"

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